About Joe V.

In Today’s technology driven society it’s hard to find a shop that can offer you quality machining with both life experience & the support of the best vendors available.  A machinist once said “Having a fancy new machine in your shop doesn’t make you a machinist it’s who’s running it and how he uses it that does!” that machinist is Joe Vigorita and that shop is East Coast Auto Machine in Glenside Pa.

In an economy where engine shops seem to come & go and local legends close their doors East Coast Auto Machine (ECAM) seems to stand the test of time. Since opening his doors over 27 years ago Joe has accommodated local shops & dealerships with prompt repairs of all types of engines both foreign & domestic be it a complete rebuild of an engine or just a head repair to get there customer back on the road.

Joe is an experienced machinist and has also taught engine repair & machining at area technical schools and is in his 30th year as a Pennsylvania state licensed vehicle safety inspection teacher.

Joe’s experience is not limited to stock engine repairs & rebuilds, in his tenure as an owner/ operator he has specialized in repairs or the fabricating of parts other shops would pass on. Joe likes to say “everything is fixable, if they built it once it can be built again”.

ECAM’s diversity has gained customers in the restoration fields because of his willingness to work with them and experience with obsolete or vintage tooling & practices. Joe’s experience with vintage makes spans makers from early domestics like Ford, Chevy & Chrysler to Rolls Royce, MG, Triumph and even early Harley Davidson engines for area restoration shops.

Joe excels in the performance area and has a great wealth of knowledge in it.  He will capitalize on every available cubic inch for power or recommend every “old school” trick other may have forgotten about to get you power you need.

Joe has built a myriad of large cubic inch & supercharged engines as well as turbo & nitrous oxide applications. Joe performance work has yielded him customers in all aspects of motorsports and  at any given time ECAM has produced engines  and sponsored  racers in NHRA, Nascar,Vintage & Off Road Racing ,motorcycle, pleasure craft & even off  shore Power Boat Racing.

People, who know Joe, know he goes out of his way to accommodate your needs and is one of those guys who’d give you the shirt off his back if you needed one. If you looking for real world experience you’d be hard pressed to walk into a shop & find an owner operator with a resume like Joe’s!


Joe V. Member of the North East Outlaw Pro-Mod Association (NEOPMA).

NEOPMA staff member Joe Vigorita brings over 30 years of automotive engine building experience to the track.  He began his career rebuilding engines in a local jobber shop while attending college to receive a teaching certification.  He became a teacher at a local voc-tech school for a few years, then opened his own automotive machine shop in Glenside, PA and has been in business for himself for over 25 years.

Joe also taught a PA State Inspection course for Harrisburg for over 25 years.  In addition to rebuilding street engines for local customers, Joe also developed a local following among performance enthusiasts, for whom he builds street racing, bracket racing, supercharged, and NOS engines.

Joe’s Pro-Mod experience includes working with cylinder heads and engines.  At MIR this past season, Joe pitched in to help FiFi’s crew put his engine back together after a Friday-night meltdown; FiFi qualified the next day.

Joe’s business, East Coast Auto Machine/ECAM Racing Engines, in Glenside, PA, stands ready to serve you with a complete automotive machine shop, equipped with a Rottler boring bar, Rottler power hone, Storm-Vulcan 85B milling machine, Bridgeport, engine lathe, etc.  Members of North East Outlaw Pro-Mod Association (NEOPMA) qualify for additional discounts on parts and labor.

Call 215-885-3510 or visit www.ecamracing.com for more information.